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Links & Literature 

Click on the links to learn more about the topic of shared public spaces

880 Cities, 2021, Winter Placemaking Guide

AfterCovid.City, 2021. Open Talks - Superilla Barcelona. The AfterCovid.City

Arbeids og sosialkomitéen, 2021, Campus, Ocean Space District og Inovasjonsdistrikt

Baumann, H. & Dabaj, J., 2019, How Research Creates More Inclusive Spaces: Bar Elias, Lebanon

Biennale Spazio Publico, 2013 The Charter of Public Space

Future Place Leadership, Link Arkitektur & Stiftelsen Tryggare Sverige, 2020, Placemaking in the Nordics, 01 ed., Stockholm, 2021, Dance-O-Mat

Gotsch, P., Andersson, C., Chong, J. & Roji, A. Exploring the three prongs of Legislation & Governance, Planning & Design, and Finance & Economy towards safe and prosperous parks and public spaces. Three cases from Johannesburg (South Africa).

Hou, J., 2010, Insurgent public space: guerrilla urbanism and the remaking of contemporary cities, Routledge, 2021

Inspirerende og innovativ – felles masterplan for Trondheims bycampus, 2014

Lillejord, S., Børte, K., Nesje, K., & Ruud, E., 2017, Campusutforming for undervisning, forskning, samaerbeid og læring - en systematisk kunnskapsoversikt, Oslo: Kunnskapssenter for utdanning

Link Arkitektur, 2021, Webinar: Nordic Placemaking Talk – A child-friendly city, lessons from the Nordics #1

Madanipour, A., 2003, Public and Private Spaces of the City, Routledge. 

Merck, A., 2020, James Rojas: How Latino Urbanism Is Changing Life in American Neighborhoods, Salud America

Mitchell, D., 1995. The end of public space? People's Park, definitions of the public, and democracy. Annals of the association of american geographers, 85(1), pp.108-133.

NTNU, n.d., Involvement

NTNU, n.d., Ressursbank

NTNU, 2016, Program for involvering, NTNUs campusutvikling 2016-2025, Version 0.2


Placemaking Europe, n.d. Stories. 


Placemaking Europe, n.d. Toolbox. An open source collection of placemaking guides and manuals.

Prairieform Landscape and Urban Design, 2021, Maximum Walk and Roll, 2021

Rojas, J., 2015, Why Urban Planners Should Work With Artists, KCET

Rojas, J., Kamp, J. & Yorgov, V., 2020, Designers and Planners take note: People’s Fondest Memories Rarely Involve Technology, Common Edge

Rojas, J., 2020, The Chicano Moratorium and the Making of Latino Urbanism, Common Edge

Sinclair, K., 2018, Share Space and Other Ideas for Inclusive Innovation

Statsbygg., 2021, NTNU campussamling – åpent informasjonsmøte

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Teixera, D. B., 2019, Placemaking as a Process of Integration for Immigrants in Trondheim, Norway, Unpublished Master Thesis, NTNU

Trondheim Kommune, 2012, Den kompakte kunnskapsbyen, Byintegrert campus i Trondheim

Trondheim Kommune, 2019, Stedsanalyse Bycampus, n.d., About StudyTrondheim

Tuferu, W., 2020, Festivals and Creative Placemaking, A case study on Chale Wote Street Art Festival, Master Thesis, Wageningen University and Research

Walljasper, J., 2008, Big plans on campus

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