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Patric Wallin

Associate Professor at the NTNU Department of Education and Lifelong Learning


The context for the work of Patric is learning, teaching and pedagogy in higher education. In his research, he uses situated and transformative learning as entry points to explore personal development, meaningful assessment, and learning environments in the context of higher education. He is particularly interested in how to create educational spaces that enable students to make meaningful contributions to research and society, and in how traditional student teacher positions can be challenged through partnership. By re-considering the relationship between undergraduate teaching and academic research, he wants to re-establish the university as a place for collaboration between students and academics with the common purpose to co-create knowledge and meaning. 


Patric will present the Fremtidens Campus project on: Spaces, places, and identities. This project explores how rooms become learning spaces in the light of higher education, and how these spaces can inhibit and promote students' professional identity. In the project, identity is seen as something dynamic that is in continuous change and the result of behavior and negotiations between norms and expectations. "Rooms" will not be limited to only the lecture halls and areas available on the university campuses, but also the less formal meetings where students have to navigate their identity.

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