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Jeff Hou

Professor of Landscape Architecture, 

Adjunct Professor of Architecture and Urban Design & Planning, 

University of Washington

Jeffrey Hou, Ph.D., is Professor of Landscape Architecture and director of the Urban Commons Lab at the University of Washington, Seattle. His work focuses on public space, democracy, community design, and civic engagement. Hou is known for his pioneering writing on bottom-up placemaking through publications including Insurgent Public Space: Guerrilla Urbanism and the Remaking of Contemporary Cities.

The input of Jeff Hou is titled "Cities and Communities as Campus Public Space?" : Through public outreach and engagement of the real-life issues, learning in higher education in the United States is taking place not only on university campuses but also in cities and communities. Through service-learning and community engagement, courses and learning initiatives are shaping where learning is taking place and how “university campuses” are defined. They further suggest a relational turn in the way we may approach campus public space.

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